• Thanks you for addressing that problem! I have my tomatoes in bird netting, but some of the chipmunks and SLUGS still get to the tomatoes just at their peak of ripeness.

  1. You can also use green tomatoes to make green tomato pie, pickles, crisp, etc. I make the pie filling much like I would for apple pie. It can be frozen and plopped in a pie shell or used for a crisp during the winter also. Look for recipes online. Very tasty!

  2. When growing up, we always had a garden. We would wrap our green tomatoes in newspapers in the fall, stack them in a box and store them in the cellar until they were ripe. They would be ripe in the dead of winter and we would have fresh tomatoes. They won’t ripen all at the same time, so you will have graduated ripe ones.

  3. When I harvest my tomatoes I take scissors and clip about an inch of the vine the tomato is growing on, leaving it attached to the tomato. Then the tomato stays fresh many more days then when the whole stem is removed.

  4. After I pick my green tomatoes, I wrap each individually in a paper towel and place in a large under-the-bed plastic bin. Every week, I pull the bin out from under the bin and check to see if I have any ripe tomatoes. If they are ripe, I place them on the counter and we use them. I replace the bin with the still green tomatoes back under the bed and check them the next week. This way, I have had tomatoes from my garden until well after Christmas. They may not taste as good as ripe from the garden home grown tomatoes, but they are a close second and so much better than store bought – even the vine ripened store bought.

  5. Great growing tips. These are not new to me, but good information for the rookie gardener! Have planted my tomatoes deep (removing lower leaves) for many years. They are looking great this year, but hope the rain ends soon, or the plants may mold. I think too much water is also not good.

  6. Tom R
    I best tomato I have grown is the PINK BRANDTWINE. Keep it watered well and it will produce LARGE low acidity tomatoes. Large enough that you have to eat tomato before you get to the bread of you sandwich.

  7. Another tip needed (already do those you listed, although follow Thalassa Crusoe on 60? nights before setting out): How keep birds from pecking if leave on vine till fully ripe? Always a battle because I’d let them have a whole fruit, but they put multiple single-holes to ruin the batch. No diversion tools seem to work.

    • If you have tomato cages or supports….have you tried putting bridal netting over them….in the sewing dept. Have cover enough that the birds cannot fly under it.

  8. What are the seasons for growing tomatoes in North Florida. Someone says it gets too hot in the summer

  9. what about fertilizer?? Tomatoes are heavy feeders and will grow so much better when properly fertilized and please consider organic fertilizer – so much better for the plants and does not kill off critical soil microbes.

  10. The best tomato I have ever eaten is the Heirloom Cherokee Purple, bar none! Once you have grown these and eaten them off the vine you will not plant anything else or won’t to eat any other tomato. THEY ARE AWESOME )8*)

  11. Last time I grew tomatoes in the pots. I only harvested 10 tomatoes but growing even a small part of your food gives a lot of joy.
    Would try again this time

  12. Absolutely, don’t put tomatoes in the fridge. My farmer/pastor says when tomatoes get below 45 degrees F, the cell wall breaks down. That’s why tomatoes in the fridge get watery.

  13. Pat, I totally agree with you re the “Purple Heirloom tomato”. I was surprised this tomato was not listed on the list of tomatoes to grow. Had an issue with my tomatoes in summer of 2017 of what the garden nursery called “blossom-end rot”. all 4 plants suffered from this issue. Garden nursery said it was a lack of “calcium”; plants looked great but ended up throwing 3/4 of the tomatoes away (;(. Hope this year proves to be a better year. Any one else had this issue?

    • Try grinding up or crushing egg shells and put around each plant for the calcium they lack…put on top of soil or under it a little from time to time.

    • I put a 1/4 cup of skim milk powder in the bottom of the holes before plantsing . And I only plant Cherokees Purple tomtoes too – I see I am not the only fan!

  14. A gardening expert on our local radio station said tomatoes were from the nightshade family and that they ripen in the dark, not from the sunshine, hence their ripening in dark paper bags or wrapped in paper.

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