1. I add dried Mealworms to my homemade Suet.
    It gives the birds a good source of nutrition during cold and snowy winters. Since I started putting Mealworms in, the Junco’s have started to gobble it up, along with he usual birds that eat suet.

  2. I have a large aspects clear bird feeder so I layer different seed blends including a layer of worms. Keeps them fresh and dry and bug-free. Kind of like a birdie parfait

  3. I also sprinkle a few in my flower pots and two or three at the edge of my water feeder which I change daily. This strategy seems to work well

  4. Mockingbirds love them and guard the feeder so our bluebirds and wrens can’t get any. Any ideas to keep the mockingbirds away?

  5. I just don’t have room in either of my 2 fridges to keep live mealworms. So, is there a way to add water? to the dried ones and make them more attractive to eat??? I have a Bluebird feeder for mealworms and put the dried ones inside, but nobody has eaten any of them!!

  6. I live in the Pacific Northwest(Oregon)and have put out Meal Worms on a raised surface but the Birds never touch them. Am I doing something wrong?

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